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We are a peer-to-peer community of EdTech companies at all stages of their journey, leading a ground-breaking nationwide effort to raise the stand of evidence available for products supporting students, teachers and schools.  

We want to ensure the EdTech that schools are investing in really makes a difference to learners. We want to ensure schools are not baffled by clever marketing but can see clear evidence of impact before they buy.

The EEG logo is a recognised mark of quality within education. Schools know that EEG members make evidence a priority and can show the impact of their products. Not just anyone can join, we focus on recruiting the right companies that are fully committed to these aims and objectivesSo, if you believe your company meets these criteria, we would be delighted to discuss how you can get involved. Join us and help educators make better-informed decisions about the EdTech they invest in.

EdTech Companies

The best EdTech companies don’t just make claims, they combine technological innovation with an understanding of the needs of learners, then display their evidence for all to see, can you?

Education Establishments

If you are looking to invest in Edtech then make sure you download our checklist of the five things to look for when seeing the right EdTech product for your organisation.

Who we are

We are a member organisation bringing together EdTech companies who share a belief that there needs to be a step-change in the level of evidence available about EdTech. Click on the button below to find out more about the EEG and our objectives, as well as a list of our current members.

Founding members

Our Sponsors

Together with our sponsors we will be working hard to raise the profile for the need for evidence in EdTech.

Principal Sponsor

The Edtech Evidence Group (EEG) is delighted to announce that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has agreed to become its Principal Sponsor for the forthcoming year. Amazon Web Services and the EEG will be working together to help raise the profile of the need for evidence in EdTech.  This includes working with and mentoring edtech businesses to help them provide better evidence of the efficacy of their products and supporting schools to help them evaluate the evidence that is provided by edtech organisations.

Freeths is a full service commercial law firm with a national office network providing advice to businesses.

Leading provider of secure school data management solutions to over 25,000 schools.

Evidence in edTech

As a member organisation of like-minded EdTech companies, with products based on evidence, we encourage EdTech providers to make the availability and transparency of evidence a priority, whilst also providing support to schools seeking clear evidence for the implementation of EdTech in their classrooms.

The EEG is set up as a CIC.​

(A CIC is a non-charitable limited company, which exists primarily to benefit a community or with a view to pursuing a social purpose rather than to make profits for their members).

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