Webinar: The value of evidence in EdTech

We hosted a wealth of EdTech experts discussing the legal and financial implications of providing suitable evidence when starting, growing and funding an EdTech business.

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Frank Suttie, Commercial Director & EdTech Lead, Freeths LLP

Frank provides an analysis of key themes encountered when providing legal advice to EdTech firms, including the implications of unverifiable claims within marketing strategies, issues encountered in the area of GDPR compliance, points to watch when marketing products to parents and implications of the Children’s Code.

Ed Tranham, Editor of The Assignment Report

Ed discusses the key value drivers, including efficacy, in UK K-12 focused M&A and fundraising transactions.

Karri Vuori, Partner, finnCap Cavendish

Karri talks about his experience of the transition from traditional delivery models to blended learning and the associated impacts on valuation and transactions.


What are the emerging considerations for edtech companies to pay close attention to as they grow?

With the rise of ESG investors, are you finding their approach to edtech different?

Are we seeing more international investors?

What advice would you give to a company being approached by investors when not quite ready?

What advice would you give to those with competitors making false claims?

How much difference is there in the level of information required when DD is being carried out?

What's the best way to get university researchers?

Are the key value drivers the same for B2C and B2B?

Where have you seen examples of direct to consumer that have achieved low CAC or high LTV?

Do you have the evidence?

The best EdTech companies don’t just make claims, they display their evidence for all to see, can you?

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